Nashville Walls Project and Inner City Ministry have joined forces with the goal of bringing uplifting and inspirational art to the kids. 


Earlier this year, volunteers donated their time building a playground for the Inner City Ministry children. In addition to their time, all materials for building the playground were also donated. Inner City Ministry reached out to Nashville Walls Project in hopes of painting the massive wall located across from the playground. 

Inner City Ministry provides educational programs, mentoring, day care, transportation, food, and socialization for 1000 Nashville Inner City children each week. Visit their website to learn more about Inner City Ministry.

Inner City Ministry offered to designate a part of their budget and pay for the cost of materials, paint, equipment, and local artists fees. After spending time at Inner City Ministry, we’ve decided that 100% of their budget should be spent on the valuable services they give to children. 

Denver based artist, Kelsey Montague is coming to Nashville as a volunteer, with plans of painting an interactive "Tree House" for the kids.  She will be painting alongside three local artists. 


To cover the cost of paint materials and equipment, NWP has launched a fundraiser to paint a 120 foot section of the wall directly across from the playground. 


Donations can be made via checks or PayPal -

All donations are tax deductible through our account with the Arts And Business Council of Nashville.